2016 Maroon Wines Wine Doctor Barossa Valley Shiraz
2016 Maroon Wines Wine Doctor Barossa Valley Shiraz

2016 Maroon Wines Wine Doctor Barossa Valley Shiraz

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This remarkable Shiraz is imported by our friends at Maroon, who say:

THE WORLD’S FIRST RESVERATROL-ENHANCED WINE: The Wine Doctor was established by Sydney Australia Physician, Dr. Philip Norrie, who is also a wine historian. RESVERATROL is a powerful anti-oxidant grape product.

The Wine Doctor wines contain up to 100 times more of this powerful anti-oxidant that is found naturally in wine. The normal resveratrol content of wine is 1-2 milligrams per litre (whites) and 4-6 mg/l (reds). The resveratrol content of The Wine Doctor Shiraz has been boosted to 100 mg/l.

The anti-oxidants in wine are not stored in the body, so it is regular consumption, in moderation, of The Wine Doctor wines that delivers a significant dose of resveratrol. Dr Norrie, who has a busy general practice at Elanora Heights in Sydney, says moderate consumption can be defined as a standard 750ml bottle of wine each day, shared between two people, with women advised to drink a little less than men. http://www.winedoctor.com.au/

The Wine Doctor R.E.W. process meets Australian and American food standards and wine-labelling requirements because resveratrol is a natural grape product and the added resveratrol is itself also a natural product derived from grapes. One bottle of The Wine Doctor R.E.W. Shiraz has as much resveratrol as 15 to 20 bottles of unenhanced red wine.


The best way to absorb Resveratrol is via the buccal mucosa or the lining of the mouth, which allows the Resveratrol to go straight into the blood system.

Absorption of Resveratrol via the buccal mucosa is so efficient it is 250 times better than absorption of Resveratrol via the gut, which is what happens when you take Resveratrol in the form of tablets or capsules.

This is because the Resveratrol in the gut gets taken to the liver via the portal blood system, to be metabolized or broken down so its effective amount in the blood is much less.

Of course, none of this would matter (at least to us), if the wine weren’t good. And it’s more than good: it’s a serious Barossa estate Shiraz at terrific bargain price.

As Aussie critic Ben Malouf says:

In a world first, the Team at The Wine Doctor have developed a wine that is Resveratrol Enhanced and tastes great. Everything you would think of from a Barossa Valley shiraz, good for your health and only $25 a bottle, this wine ticks all the boxes!

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