In-Store Pickup & Wine Storage

All wine payments go into our escrow account. We receive these funds only when your wine is shipped or picked up, or when it is transferred to a legally separate wine storage facility, Westgate Wine Storage, to be held for you. 

Should you choose to pick up your wine instead of having it shipped, we will notify you when it arrives and is ready for pick-up, or should weather conditions not permit shipping, we will gladly store it until shipping becomes possible.*

Once you have been notified that your wine has come in and is ready for pick-up, you may stop by anytime between the hours of 12PM and 6PM, Tuesday through Saturday to pick your purchased wine.

Please contact us with any additional questions.

*Please note that by selecting In-Store Pickup, you are authorizing us to transfer your wine to Westgate Wine Storage LLC for holding until you pick it up. At the time of this transfer, the wine becomes property of the customer and Westgate Wine Storage acts solely as a holding location for your purchased wine.

Storage When Shipping is not Possible

We will store your wines for free if it is too hot (or, rarely, too cold) to ship them. Otherwise, we provide one month of free storage. Beyond this, we will charge $1.50 per case, per month to your credit card for storage.

Please contact us with any additional questions.